Tourism and Hospitality

Strand med människor
Foto: Johan W Avby

A growing demand for new attractions, packaged experiences and accommodation makes investments in the tourism industry very attractive. Opportunities lie within growing eco-tourism, food tourism, and adventure tourism. Growth potential exists both in city related tourism and allied to Sweden’s adventure/wilderness, golf and lakeside offering. Large investments in accommodation and infrastructure are being made to meet the increase in demand, with manifold opportunities for international property developers, real estate investors, activity companies, hotel and accommodation operators, travel operators, tourism entrepreneurs, etc.

Every year, our hotels, youth hostels and campsites record almost 1.5 million overnight stays. A very good base for investments. The majority come to visit companies, trade fairs, exhibitions or other events. Some come to enjoy the beautiful countryside, others to compete in sports. That first visit is often the start of a good habit. There are numerous places worth visiting. Choose what suits your interests, mood and the season. Museums, exhibitions, churches, ski slopes, golf courses, theatres, concerts, horse riding excursions... there is something for all tastes. The greatest attraction in our region is probably Nature itself. It delights visitors with beautiful scenery, encounters with wildlife and wonderful opportunities for physical activities. The Right of Public Access means that you are allowed to pick wild berries, mushrooms and fruit for your own use, provided you demonstrate respect for the unique natural environment of our area. You will have realized by now that our region has a great deal to offer and we’re proud and pleased about that. Our mission is to ensure that everyone who comes here, whether for a short or long stay, will feel just as much at home as we do. Each year, many people decide to settle in this region, bringing with them new ideas, cultures and perspectives and thereby making our place on earth that much better.