Sustainable Buildings and Accomodation

Nybyggnation av hus
Of the country close to 30 housebuilding companies, about 2/3 of those are based in Jönköping County. In addition, there a number of component manufacturers of various kinds located in the county or in its vicinity. Foto: Johan W Avby

Småland and especially Jönköping County is since long associated with wood related industry. This contains house production as well as furniture and furnishings of various kinds. Wood is the largest export industry in all categories.

Counting from Jönköping County within a radius of 150 km, about 75 percent of the Swedish joinery companies, leading manufacturers of wooden houses, furniture industry and sawmills, can be reached. Adding the region's optimal logistical location strategically placed between the Nordic region's three metropolitan regions we have very good conditions for this type of industries. Furthermore, the wood related industry employs more than 6.000 employees in the county. Wood as material is also renewable and carbon neutral and therefore has a durability advantage over many other materials. As the circular flows are becoming increasingly important when choosing materials the competitive advantage will grow with time. When it comes to furniture and furnishings this implies also a significant number of employees in the metal and plastic industry.