Materials and Production

Bergo flooring
Foto: Johan W Avby

Sweden is attractive for manufacturing companies and many have based on many good grounds decided to locate their production here because of good Swedish conditions.

The manufacturing sector is important for Sweden. Here are many of Sweden's high-tech and internationally successful companies. Despite increasing production volumes, the number of employees in the manufacturing industry declined. This is a result of automation and efficiency of production but also of a recent extensive relocation of manufacturing to low-wage countries in Europe and Asia. The relocation of industrial production from Sweden to low-wage countries for cost reasons continues but the pace is slowing. There is a global pattern towards a clearer geographical location of manufacturing close to customers and markets. A closer linked production chain means that R & D is also placed close to the production, as well as the companies give greater preference to local and regional supply of inputs and services, known as sourcing.

Throughout Jönköping County, you will find an open and progressive business environment that has put our region on the international map. Innovative entrepreneurs and determined business leaders have driven the region’s expansion to make this one of Europe’s most dynamic regions for small sized enterprises. The climate of our community allows creativity, drive and energy to grow into major businesses.

The positive effects of a business environment brimming with energy are evident in almost all areas of the community, particularly in the strong employment market and increasing influx of expertise and skills. Other positive consequences include a low rate of illness-related absenteeism, strong housing development and well-established community services such as education, health and care. The Region is known for its great number of small and medium sized enterprises, especially in the manufacturing industries, which employ almost 25 percent of the local population, compared with about 17 percent in the rest of the country. The main industries are timber, plastics and metal processing. Looking ahead, we expect to see the rate of growth in the private service sector to increase significantly.