Business environment in the centre of Sweden

Två människor samtalar om företagsutveckling
Foto: Johan W Avby

Throughout Jönköping County, you will find an open and progressive business environment that has put our region on the international map.

Innovative entrepreneurs and determined business leaders have driven the region’s expansion to make this one of Europe’s most dynamic regions for small-sized enterprises. The climate of our community allows creativity, drive and energy to grow into major businesses.

The region is known for its great number of small and medium sized enterprises, especially in the manufacturing industries, which employ almost 23 percent of the local population, compared with about 12 percent in the rest of the country. The main industries are timber, plastics and metal processing. Looking ahead, we expect to see the rate of growth in the private service sector to increase significantly, for example in tourism and hospitality.

In the centre of Sweden

Jönköping County has a unique location in the centre of Sweden and Scandinavia. Our region forms a natural point of juncture between the main city regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

The roads, railways and airport in the region make this an excellent location for logistics solutions for the whole world. It is the perfect starting point and meeting place for people and goods. 80 percent of Sweden’s population lives within a radius of 350 kilometres and the Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets are just a few hours away. It’s what we call potential energy.

Many major commercial businesses have decided to centre their logistics operations in the region. And many manufacturing companies establish new facilities here to be close to their markets, consultancies and suppliers.