International Forest Machine Operator Course


Stora Segerstad College – a center for the land based industries (Sweden) will be organising a course in cut to length timber harvesting. The course will be held in Reftele, in the centre of south Sweden. This course is not offered in the autumn 2015, we hope to come back with the course in the autumn 2016.


Over a period of 20 weeks students will be trained to operate harvesters and forwarders safely and effectively in thinning's and final cutting stands. On completing the course the students should be able to find employment with contractors working in Sweden or elsewhere.


The course will be on a practical and theoretical level, students will be operating machinery in real life conditions. Theory lessons will be given on basic machine structure and computer systems. The teaching language will be English. Subjects covered: Machine operation 9 weeks at school, 2 weeks on the job training, forest management 4 weeks, engineering 3 weeks, timber measurements 1 weeks, environment protection 1 week.


Modern machinery, three harvesters John Deere 1070 E and three
Forwarders JD 810 E or JD1010 E no older than three years will be in use.


There will be an entrance fee of 100€ per student. Tuition Fees will be free of charge for EC citizens. Students will have to pay their own accommodation and meals.
Accommodations and meals will be available in Värnamo College, accommodation is 40€ per week and meals are available for around 15€ per day.