Below you can find some publications about ESTHER.

Balancing power in co-production: introducing a reflection model (2021) (Extern länk)

Care staff leadership implementing the Esther care model at a care home in Kent (2018) (Extern länk)

Healthcare in transition. Understanding key ideas and tensions in contemporary healtch policy, s 134 - 151. (2017) (Extern länk)

Improving Patient Flow: The Esther Project in Sweden (2015) (Extern länk)

Person Driven Care (2012) (pdf, 425,8 KB) (Extern länk)

Quality, Development and Leadership - Lessons to learn from Jönköping (2011) (pdf, 1,4 MB) (Extern länk)

Sweden’s Esther Model: Improving Care for Elderly Patients with Complex Needs (2016) (Extern länk)

The Esther approach to healthcare in Sweden: A business case for radical improvement (2013) (Extern länk)

The Primary Partnership (2017) (pdf, 1,6 MB) (Extern länk)

The Senior Center in Tranås (pdf, 469,1 KB) (Extern länk)

What Is Best for Esther? Building Improvement Coaching Capacity With and for Users in Health and Social Care—A Case Study (2016) (Extern länk)

How the Esther Network model for coproduction of person-centred health and social care was adopted and adapted in Singapore: a realist evaluation (2022) (Extern länk)

Goldgruber, J., Vackerberg, N., Hartinger, G. (2023). ESTHER-Thinking in der (integrierten) Gesundheitsversorgung – Ein radikaler Ansatz für mehr Customer Centricity. In: Benning-Rohnke, E., Hasebrook, J., Pütz, M. (eds) Kunden begeistern. Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden. (Extern länk)