About Qulturum

Qulturum is a center for development of improvement knowledge and innovation in healthcare. Qulturum is also the improvement unit at Region Jönköping County, responsible for the healthcare services in Jönköping county, located in the south of Sweden.

Qulturum is engaged in several improvement activities both on a regional, national and international level.

Our focus is developing improvement knowledge concerning patients, patient involvement, co-operation and flow, interprofessional teams, leadership, management and the design of healthcare.

These are strategic areas identified by Region Jönköping County as the most important improvement areas: 

  • Learning an innovation (including leading and leadership)
  • Access and how we treat our patients with respect and care
  • Prevention and Self-care
  • Cooperation and flow
  • Clinical improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Medication
  • Good financies and Reliability

Qulturum is also a partner of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Extern länk) (IHI) in Boston, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and clinicalmicrosystem.org (Extern länk) as well as several other organizations working with improvements in healthcare and learning.

The Qulturum Residence

The Qulturum Residence is a conference center as well as home to the following units:

  • Qulturum, the Center for Improvement in Healthcare
  • Futurum, the Academy for Health and Care
  • Unit of Research and Development in primary care
  • Primary care direction center