Instruction for application

This information is intended for international applicants.

When applying, please submit the following attachments:

  • Work samples, see instructions and description below
  • Contact information for 2 reference persons
  • Grades and other credentials

Instructions for submitting your work samples:

Work samples

To be completed as described.


File format and size

All work samples must be submitted digitally.

We would like you to compile all work samples in a single PDF. Use the attached template in Google Presentation. Add as many new pages/“slides” to the template as you need. When you open the template, you need to save it to your own Google account first, before editing. You may also download it as a powerpoint if you prefer to use Powerpoint. 

You can also create your own template in Indesign. It is important in this case to number and name each work sample.

Then export the template with your assembled work samples as a PDF file that must not exceed 40 MB.


Name your PDF as:

Your name+worksamples2024


If you have problems creating a PDF, please contact:

Carl Öberg,

Link to the application: Application form (only for internation students) (Extern länk) (Extern länk) (Extern länk)

Description of WORK SAMPLES for Animation 2024


Work sample 1.

A Storyboard/a picture story on the theme "Attack is the best form of defense".

Tell a story, or a part of a story with pictures, without using text.

Use a maximum of 20 image frames. Any medium.

Work sample 2.

Sketches from a live model (at least 5).

Draw from the subject in front of you, not from a screen or photo. The subject does not have to be a nude model.

You can draw a friend reading a book or someone you see at a café or in a waiting room.

Draw in full or half figure and use pencil or other traditional medium, not digital.

Work sample 3.

Your favorite (at least 1).

Depict something that means a lot to you. It can be an object, person, animal, or other.

Use traditional medium, draw or paint with the subject in front of you, not digitally.

Work sample 4.

Character drawing from the imagination A.

Create a character/creature and draw it in at least 4 different poses that describe movement.

Use pencil or other traditional medium, not digital.

Work sample 5.

Character drawing from the imagination B.

Create 2 characters/creatures that interact (at least 2 examples).

Use pencil or other traditional medium, not digital.

Work sample 6.

Optional images (5-10).

Submit images you are satisfied with. If you submit fan art or copies of other people's work, please indicate your reference. 

The work samples may be made in different techniques, and digital works are welcome.

Work sample 7.

Optional: If you have animation or film clips you want to show, upload them on YouTube or similar and attach a link.

Work sample 8.

A personal letter should be included with your application. Write a maximum a A4 page. Where you tell about yourself and why you are applying for the Animation programme.


How will you know if you are accepted?

Approximately two weeks after reviewing your work samples, you will be notified if you are called for an interview.



We will select about 25 people for an interview. The interviews will take place on site or digitally. Dates will be announced later.



Notification of acceptance will be sent via email during the first half of June.