Bra Liv Health Centres

Bra Liv Health Centres

We want to treat you and your health in a safe, comfortable environment.

We are here for everyone who chooses a Bra Liv Health Centre. We care for you when you are sick. We also want to help you to keep from getting sick. That's why we look at your lifestyle habits when you come visit us. Our centres have gathered many different skills under one roof so you get the right knowledge immediately.

Offering safe, reliable health care is a cornerstone of Bra Liv Health Centres. We're constantly improving ourselves by evaluating quality through regular surveys and audits of our operations.

We're also focused on providing our visitors with the best treatment possible. Your opinions help us in improving our services. We'll be happy to hear about your experiences at our centres and to learn from them.

About Bra Liv Health Centres and the County Council

The Region Jönköping council owns and operates all Bra Liv Health Centres, located in 12 of the county's 13 municipalities. We offer readily available health care and quality rehabilitation in cooperation with partners like the municipalities and hospitals.