This is how Esther was organized until 2016.

Organizing Committee

  • Aim: Coordinate network operations across Highland district
  • Who: Director from hospital, primary care, and social care
  • When: 6 meetings per year

Local Project Management Group:

  • Aim: coordinate information, initiate projects and unite staff to use everyone's knowledge
  • Who: one member from each municipality, from primary care areas, members from departments of medicine, psychiatri and geriatrics
  • When: Meetings occur monthly to weekly in each municipality


  • Victoria Allard - community partners, FoUrum Jönköping Län
  • Quality Manager Internal medicine: Joakim Edvinsson - Region Jönköping Län
  • Quality Manager Internal medicine: Camilla Strid - Esther locally Höglandssjukhuset
  • Quality Manager: Nicoline Vackerberg - Esther international
  • Esther coordinator UK, Anna Carlbom