AiR Småland for local scholarship recipients/hosts

We are looking for local artists who, in cooperation with the community for independent arts, cultural actors and institutions in the county, want to receive visiting artists in residence in the artistic fields of literature, dance, art and design as well as film for periods over the next three years.

For the first residency, which takes place between 9 September - 9 December 2024, we have chosen to focus on literature. All authors active in Jönköping County who are able to receive and host a visiting author in residence for three months during the autumn of 2024 can apply. Organisations with literary activities can also apply to be hosts and the scholarship amount will then be paid as a grant. As a local scholarship recipient/host, you can also nominate artists in residence within the announced field by encouraging interesting artists to apply for the residency program. 


Applicants for the period in residence 9 September - 9 December must be a published author based in Jönköping County or another operator in the field of literature. Apply by describing your background and explaining why you want to become one of our local scholarship recipients/hosts for the literary residency. Apply via the digital form by 31 May.

Application for local scholarship recipient/host (Extern länk)

Practical information

The periods in residence are three calendar months and during 2024 the first period in residence will take place from 9 September until 9 December.

In parallel with the announcement of residency for a local scholarship recipient/host, there is a call for visiting authors in residence from all Nordic countries and internationally. The visiting author in residence is then chosen in consultation with the reference group at Region Jönköping County’s Cultural Development Section and the local scholarship recipient/host.

By the end of the residence, both the visiting artist and the local artist/host will each provide a short report of the residence and tell us about what occurred, what was arranged, statistics about the participation in public events and more.

AiR Småland is responsible for the following

• Announces residency for 2024 in literature, manages applications and selections and draws up a list of 3-4 potential candidates that are presented to the local scholarship recipient/host
• Informs about the scholarship residencies via the administration’s website and on social media
• Manages the coordination and administration of the residencies

Scholarships/grants for the scholarship recipient/host are payable according to the following allocation:
A scholarship or grant of SEK 60,000 in total is paid for the entire period, travel within the county for a total of SEK 3,729 for the entire period, SEK 6,600 for public appearances and in addition the Region of Jönköping County Cultural Development Section is responsible for the cost of accommodation and studio costs during the period.

The local scholarship recipient/host is responsible for the following

• To offer to act as a host for visiting artists throughout their residence (the artist in residence must spend at least 75% of the time at the location during the period in residence)
• To be the contact person him/herself or appoint another contact person to welcome and introduce the artist and invite people to join us for meetings and talks
• In consultation with Region Jönköping County’s Cultural Development Section assist with booking suitable accommodation and finding a workplace for the visiting artist
• To plan and arrange, in consultation with the visiting artist, at least one public appearance, a workshop, talk, discussion or seminar during the residency
• To communicate that the residency program AiR Småland is being offered in collaboration with Region Jönköping County’s Cultural Development Section through existing channels


For the selection of local scholarship recipients/hosts, we look at how applicants explain both their artistry and their ability to act as hosts in order to be able to complete the residency. For the selection, we also take availability aspects into account, and we seek to achieve geographical spread throughout the county.

About AiR Småland

AiR Småland is a new residency program run by the Cultural Development Section of Region Jönköping County, with support from the Swedish Council for Cultural Affairs. The goal is to provide space and time for artistic development by offering residency in the county. The residencies are provided through residence scholarships for visiting artists in residence who will be welcomed by a local scholarship recipient/host and where both will be given opportunities to focus on artistic investigative work as well as opportunities for inspiration and in-depth studies within their field. The residence must be firmly established in the opportunities provided by the location and be in accordance with the local scholarship recipient/host’s wishes. The purpose of AiR Småland is to support the community for independent arts, cultural operators and institutions of Jönköping County, while the county’s cultural life is stimulated by the exchange with visiting artists in residence.